Thursday, April 30, 2009


There are only 6 days left until our son's due date.  I am in a nesting mood today.  It is nice to have some energy back, now that my cold is nearly gone.  Here are some pictures of our preparations for the baby:

I deep cleaned the kitchen today!

Here is a dresser/changing table that was given to up by one of my student's parents.  
It is perfect! =)

Baby has more clothes than I do!

Here are some of Baby's clothes next to his daddy's.  So cute! 
I know he is going to love Andrew very much!

Our bed with a co-sleeper on the other side.

Here is a better view of the co-sleeper.

We are ready for you Baby- come on out!!!


  1. Don't be suprised if he's here in the next 48 hours! No personal experience, but I hear you get a huge surge of energy right before baby arrives! Good luck and Congrats in advance! Love, Shannon

  2. I could see Andrew accidentally trying to put on his son's clothes un-awake early in the morn...

    That's so amazing the he is almost here.
    JR St. Hilaire.

    My prayers are with you both. Can't wait for the real life pics of a wiggling baby. Val will have competition soon with your baby pics.
    Glad to hear that you are all ready. I will be back in the brem for a few soon enough.