Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our First Weekend!

For two years now, Andrew has been working six days each week. It's been hard, but I really admire and appreciate him for how hard he works to support us. With him working an extra day, we've been able to work on Dave Ramsey's "Baby Steps" and hopefully we will be able to buy a house this year.

Last Saturday was Andrew's last day working at Star. The sign pictured above welcomed him home! We are SO happy that we will have real weekends with Daddy!!!!!

We are proud of you Daddy! This weekend is going to be great! =)

On a different note - notice that John is actually trying to color parts of the picture instead of scribbling on the whole page. This a little milestone for him! Now we just need to work on staying in the lines...


We got about five inches of now last Wednesday! I'm just glad I was able to go to the store on Tuesday to stock up on groceries for the week. Cabin fever is setting in, so I am kind of glad that rain washed away most of the snow last night. We are going to get out of the house today and go to our Bradley class reunion. All of the women in our birthing class have had their babies, so it will be great to see everyone and hear their stories.

On Wednesday, we were able to get out in the snow with John for some fun! We went sledding on come corrugated plastic board because we didn't have a sled and we (aka Andrew) build a really cute snowman. It was pretty cold out there and the top layer of the snow was icy, so it didn't roll very well - but that doesn't matter to a 2 year old!

Hot coco + whip cream + crushed candy cane + chocolate sprinkles = the best post-snow play drink!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Peter Stats

I took Peter in a few days ago for his belated 2 month check-up. It confirmed what we already knew - we've got a big baby! 15lbs 11oz, 25 inches long, and 17 inch head circumference = 97th percentile on all counts! At least he is proportionally large!

On Monday he went to his 3rd chiropractic visit. She told us he was perfect! So now we don't have to go in again. I'm so glad the adjustments worked and he is all better.

He used to be pretty crabby, but over the past month or so he has calmed down and is generally very happy. I remember when I was in the hospital the day after he was born and he started to fuss. My friend Becky was holding him and asked me, "What does he want?" I shrugged my shoulders and said "I don't know, he is like a stranger to me." She gave me a weird look, but it was true - when you have a new baby you love them and have a strong bond to them, but it takes time to learn what their different cries mean. I'm happy to say now that he is no stranger! He is my little side-kick and I love being able to read his signs.

He is now approaching the three 3 month mark and I am really enjoying his age. His big past-time right now is sucking on his right hand (I wonder if that means he will be right-handed...). He is even getting a little rash on his chin from his drool. His sleeping patterns are starting to set in, which means I am able to keep up with some daily routines. At night, he usually only wakes up once to nurse and is a sound sleeper the rest of the night. I'm thankful for that!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Peter in his Jumperoo

I brought this jumperoo in from the garage after I took down the Christmas decorations. I figured that Peter was just about the right age for it. Sure enough, he loves it! And so does John! ;)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Until Next Year...

We had a good run, O' Christmas tree, but the time has come to say good bye. It's bitter-sweet. Sweet because your departure means that I can get on with organizing and cleaning the house. Bitter because it means Christmas is over and you won't return for another year.


As a grown up, a year doesn't seem that far away, but when I think that my boys will each be a year older - that seems crazy! Peter will probably be walking! John will be even more eloquent, independent and potty-trained (please, oh please!). A year is a long time in child-years.

Today as I laid by the tree with John, I realized that I will only have 16 Christmas' left with him living in the house. Might seem like a lot, but I know it will fly by.  I'm going to cling to these years like Pooh Bear to his Hunny Pot.  It's been a sappy day for sure.  To top it off, "What a Wonderful World" played on my Pandora station while I was rocking Peter to sleep.

So tomorrow is the day, I will pack all the Christmas decorations away. Probably during John's nap. I don't want to traumatize him with de-decorating!

More to come later about all the festivities. For now, here is a picture of the boys cuddled up in matching PJs (thanks Grandma and Grandpa!) watching the Grinch.