Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baby News

Last Friday we had our mid-way ultrasound. I was SO excited because I love seeing our baby and we were hoping to find out the gender. We invited my parents and Andrew's parents, since they were in town for John's birthday. So the room was packed, as we all gazed upon the image of the new baby.

We did get a peek at the gender and it looks like we have another BOY! However, the technician advised us to "keep our receipts" (as she says to everyone). But the nice thing is we won't really have to buy much for this next baby since we already have some clothes and everything else that we saved from John.

We are so thrilled that John has a baby brother. We hope and pray that they will be good friends for the rest of their lives. We taught John to say "brother" - which he pronounces "brudder." SO cute!

Oregon Vacation

A couple of weeks ago, we took a much-needed vacation to the Oregon coast! It was a lot of fun and we came back refreshed and ready for the ol' routine. Here are some things we did followed by a whole bunch of pictures:
  • Went on a couple beach walks
  • Went out to dinner every other night (yey for no dishes!)
  • Enjoyed a visit to the aquarium
  • Ate a lot of sweets and other yummy food!
  • Attempted to go on a tour of the Rogue Brewery, but I fainted during the first 10 minutes... (long story short, we ended up going to the ER but Baby and I are fine)
  • Andrew went on the brewery tour by himself later in the week
  • Went shopping at the Lincoln city outlet mall
  • Had a nice dinner and visit with my grandpa on the way back home

Apparently if you were to drink all the beer in one of these containers it would take you 26 years drinking a 6-pack every night! That's a lot of beer!!!

Notice George in the background - even he got to relax! =)

Monday, May 23, 2011

John turned 2!

Our little guy is now two years old! It is hard to believe how fast those years have gone! His actual birthday was last Sunday, but we didn't have his party until yesterday. A lot of family and friends came over and the whole weekend was full of fun!

His big gift from us was a big-boy bedding set (airplanes, of course!):

His party was an airplane themed barbeque. When he woke up from his nap, nearly everyone was here! He was surprised and very happy. I loved watching him be a good host by making his rounds to all the guests. When he opened his gifts he was very good about saying "thank-you" and giving hugs to the gift-givers.

Here are some pictures from the big day:

Eating breakfast on his birthday plate

Measuring how much he grew over the year

Throwing rocks under the fence with his buddy

When he saw all the gifts he said "Oh boy!"

John's airplane cake

Happy birthday to our big boy, John! We love you!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Off to Oregon!!

In one of my "quick take" posts, I mentioned that we were going on a vacation in Florida... well plans have changed and we are going to the Oregon Coast instead! The weather won't be as nice... but we are very excited just to have a week together as a family! =) We have a lot of plans, but the main item on the agenda is - relaxation!

We will come back home on John's birthday, but we won't be having a party until the next weekend. I can't believe he is almost 2 years old!! He is such a big boy!

I will post all about our trip when we get back!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there -
but especially to my dear mother and mother-in-law!

Beautiful Oregon, here we come!

Egg Wars 2011

This event is a long-standing tradition in Andrew's family, and it is a fun way to add purpose to egg painting. Here are the rules that I posted on our blog last year:

1. Before we paint our eggs, we write a family member's name (or Saint's name) on them and they represent that person. We use a white crayon to write the names.
2. Each person uses their egg (since it is just me and Andrew, we will play for the other people we chose to represent).
3. You hold the eggs facing each other. One person goes first and taps their egg against the other person's egg (begin by doing nose to nose).
4. The person with the cracked egg turns the egg around to the other end and they tap that end to the other person's egg.
5. If both sides of your egg get cracked, the you are out and you punish your loser egg by devouring it with a dash of salt and pepper!
6. The winner goes on to challenge the other eggs.
Each day, we will tap eggs until we have two loser eggs (so we can each eat one for breakfast).

Click here to see a video of how it works (from the 2010 championship round).

Egg Wars 2011

Day 1
"Dad" vs. "Mom" ----> "Dad" is the winner!
"Dad" vs. "John" ----> "Dad" is the winner!

Day 2
"Dad" vs. "Baby" ----> "Dad" is the winner!
"Dad" vs. "Grandma St.H" ----> "Dad" is the winner!

Day 3
"Dad" vs. "Dymphna" ----> "Dymphna" is the winner! (*See note below)

Day 4
"Dympna" vs. "Grandma Sto" ----> "Grandma Sto" is the winner!
"Grandma Sto" vs. "Grandpa Sto" ----> "Grandma Sto" is the winner!

Day 5
"Grandma Sto" vs. "Grandpa St.H" ----> "Grandma Sto" is the winner!
"Grandma Sto" vs. "Joseph" ----> "Grandma Sto" is the winner!

Day 6
"Grandma Sto" vs. "Mary" ----> "Mary" is the winner!
Final round:

"Mary" vs. "Jesus" ----> "Mary" wins!!!!!

We felt bad that Jesus lost, but that's probably what He would've wanted anyway - He is a good Son and always puts His mother first! =)

*We will never truly know results of this years competition because on day 3 I accidentally tried to set a jar on "Dad" - the reigning champion up to that point. Needless to say, he got cracked and I sabotaged that round! =(