Tuesday, May 25, 2010

7 Quick Takes ~ Vol. 18

1. I always knew mom's kisses were powerful!

2. I just came across THIS great list of neat wedding favors... but since I'm already married, I thought I'd pass it on to my friends who are not yet married. I had fun looking at them!!

3. Sorry I've been MIA on our blog - I've been feeling a little uninspired and busy with little Johnny...

4. I got a helium birthday balloon for John. It was and still is a big hit! Even though now it doesn't float anymore, he still plays with it more than a lot of his toys. Whenever we have other babies over to play, they always go for the balloon. Kids just like balloons - it reminds me of that movie The Red Balloon.

5. I love when I think a product should be invented and then discover that it already has been! This happened today when I found this faucet cover at Nordstrom's. I've been so afraid of John bumping his head on the faucet and now I don't have to! =D (Here is another item that I wanted to invent, but discovered I don't have to! *Genius!*)

6. Andrew and I have been watching Lost since its beginning. The show started the same year we began dating. We stayed up late on Sunday to watch the one-and-a-half hour finale. It's hard to believe it's over... but I thought it ended well - keeps you guessing, while still providing some closure. I kind of like when shows end so that I feel less committed to TV.

7. Not too much to update on, I'm basically doing the same things every week (Watching John, keeping up with our home, going to Little Flowers, Encounter, swimming, and mom's group...) - seeking beauty and joy in every day life!

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