Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Baptism Day, John!

On Monday, July 26th, we celebrated the day John was baptized! We had a small party, which included eating barbecued burgers, lighting John's baptismal candle and (of course) eating cake! It was a special day. I hope to make it a tradition in our family to celebrate the days of our baptisms.

John, may the Lord bless you abundantly during this next year of your life 
and may you grow closer to Him each day! We love you!

The cake
Singing - ♫ ♪ Happy baptismal day to you...♪ ♫
He sure enjoyed himself!


  1. This is lovely. What a great tradition.

  2. So John's lame godparents thought he was baptized August 9, and even when Andy sent the party invitation, they still didn't get it straight. Hmm.

    Happy Baptism, John! We're praying for you! :)

  3. Jenna - You guys aren't lame!! =D It was crazy trying to pin down a date last year and I know we were thinking about doing it on August 9th - so you are excused (this year!).

    Thanks for your prayers! We feel so blessed that John has such great people praying for him!

  4. Lindsey, LOVE that you celebrate these too!! We have been celebrating these with the girls since Angelica's first one. Wondering how many years it will take before we have to get a new candle?! We love looking at the pics and video from their baptisms on that day too!! They also get a special gift, faith related of course!! Love your cake!!