Thursday, August 19, 2010

John Quotes ~ Vol.1

John is venturing into new linguistic territory, and I want to be sure to write down the cute things he says:
  • He has a wooden duck that can flap it's wings. Ever since he could crawl, he has liked to be chased with it, and while we chase him we say "quack - quack - quack." So now when ever he sees a bird he says, "quak - quak". Last week, there was a fly in our house, and guess what he said - "quak -quak"! I chuckled, but inside I was amazed at how smart he is, after all flies fly and so do birds! Makes sense to me!
  • In Bremerton, at eight in the morning, the shipyard plays the National Anthem - which we love! And all the neighborhood dogs like to howl along - "Awooooooo." Naturally, John thinks that this is the typical sound a dog makes. So now when he sees a dog he says "awoooooo."
  • We have made reading part of our bed time routine and John really enjoys it. During the day he often carries books around and looks at them. One day he was reading "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" to himself. I was watching him and he said "quak - quak," then he turned the page and said "Awoooooooo." Sure enough, there were birds on the first page, and a dog on the next!
  • He also says ... ball - "ba"
  • ... Jesus - "Jsh-sh"
  • ... Bye-bye - "Buh buh"
  • ... Banana - "Na na"
  • ... Dad - "Da da"
  • ... Mom - "Ma ma"

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