Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oregon Vacation

A couple of weeks ago, we took a much-needed vacation to the Oregon coast! It was a lot of fun and we came back refreshed and ready for the ol' routine. Here are some things we did followed by a whole bunch of pictures:
  • Went on a couple beach walks
  • Went out to dinner every other night (yey for no dishes!)
  • Enjoyed a visit to the aquarium
  • Ate a lot of sweets and other yummy food!
  • Attempted to go on a tour of the Rogue Brewery, but I fainted during the first 10 minutes... (long story short, we ended up going to the ER but Baby and I are fine)
  • Andrew went on the brewery tour by himself later in the week
  • Went shopping at the Lincoln city outlet mall
  • Had a nice dinner and visit with my grandpa on the way back home

Apparently if you were to drink all the beer in one of these containers it would take you 26 years drinking a 6-pack every night! That's a lot of beer!!!

Notice George in the background - even he got to relax! =)

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