Monday, October 31, 2011

Big Brother

John has taken very well to his new position as Big Brother. I love watching him smother his brother with kisses. He is totally smitten with Peter and that makes me think about his own call to fatherhood in the future - be it physical or spiritual.

I have noticed that with multiple kids, you have the added responsibility of teaching the older child how to care for the baby. There are so many life lessons for them when having a newborn around, but it does require more patience on my part to teach those lessons.

John is a great big brother and I look forward to seeing his relationship with Peter blossom over the years.

Here are some cute things John as said about Peter:
Pointing at Peter: "Look, so good brother is!"
"I like Brother."
"Let me hold him!" (says this about 100x a day!)
"Baby Brother a Baby?"
"Baby Brother so nice!" 
"I love Peter."

1 comment:

  1. I think it definitely helps the older children learn how to be so loving to their younger siblings when the mom and dad set such a great example. John knows by watching the way you and Andrew treat each other (and by how you treat him, obviously!) how to be so caring and loving to his baby bro. You guys are wonderful!