Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our First Weekend!

For two years now, Andrew has been working six days each week. It's been hard, but I really admire and appreciate him for how hard he works to support us. With him working an extra day, we've been able to work on Dave Ramsey's "Baby Steps" and hopefully we will be able to buy a house this year.

Last Saturday was Andrew's last day working at Star. The sign pictured above welcomed him home! We are SO happy that we will have real weekends with Daddy!!!!!

We are proud of you Daddy! This weekend is going to be great! =)

On a different note - notice that John is actually trying to color parts of the picture instead of scribbling on the whole page. This a little milestone for him! Now we just need to work on staying in the lines...

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  1. Yayy! So happy for you guys! Weekends are precious.

    And I love John's milestone, totally remember that moment with Elena. It's so cool to see scribbles become intentional artwork. Their little brains are so fascinating! :)