Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Camping at Lake Easton

This is my last summer-catch-up-post, I promise!  So the end of August was packed with a camp-out, huckleberry picking, the fair... and then we signed some official documents for closing on the house the same day we left for yet another camping trip! We spent the weekend camping with some dear friends at Lake Easton. The nights were slightly cold and there was a burn ban, which didn't help. On the camp website, they called it a "bun ban" which we thought was pretty funny. Aside from the cold, we had so much fun! We even got to take a dip in Lake Easton!  On Sunday we left early and went to my cousins wedding. The next day we closed on our house and began our three-weeks of packing and fixing up the house.

Here are some highlights from the trip:

Breakfast of campions (haha, I'm so bad!)

Throwing rocks =)

He went out pretty deep!

It was COLD - The daddys were brave and took a swim!

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