Sunday, September 14, 2008

Caution: Scary beard pictures!

After our wedding, Andrew began growing his facial hair out. I think this was rooted in a couple days of laziness, but I told him that I really liked it (truly!) and I encouraged him to keep growing it out. He had not really tried growing his beard out before and he quickly began commenting on how itchy it was becoming.

So for the last four weeks he has endured this itchiness and irritation, all for his little wifey! =) Last Sunday, I gave him permission to shave it off. He was so thrilled, making me realize that he really was just doing it for me. We had a lot of fun taking some gross beard pictures! I always thought it would be so funny for a man to have just a patch of hair on the side of his chin... (Thank you Andrew for putting up with me!)

Before: doesn't he look good?!!

I think he looks like Wolverine from X-Men in this one.

And here begins the adventures of Patch-man!!!

Patch-man likes to delve into deep contemplation.

Patch-man, don't catch your patch on fire!

Patch-man and the Pope are tight.

Patch-man spends much time surfing on the web.

Patch-man, what is Dymphna saying to you?

Goodnight Patch-man! Sleep well! =)


  1. Wow...this is highly reminiscent of the X-house. :)

    Glad to see you 2 are getting settled! I want to come visit sooN!!!

  2. After two years at the X-House I'll never be the same : ) Even though Lindsey won't let me light her on fire, we still manage to have fun.

    We'd love to have you and the Juanald over!