Sunday, September 21, 2008

God Loves my Students =)

School began a few weeks ago. The year is off to a good start. I am really enjoying having one year of experience under my belt. Everyone told me the second year would be easier, and I think it is true. Of course there are new challenges, but I leave school each day with excitement for the next (but I do really enjoy the weekends!).

On Friday, I took my 6th grade homeroom to pray a decade of the Rosary in the church. We wanted to pray a whole Rosary, but were running short on time. I asked them if they would like to pray the whole Rosary in the classroom, or pray a decade in the church (walking to and from places takes a long time!). They all agreed that they would prefer to go to the church. I was pleased with their decision and told them that making a visit to Christ in the Blessed Sacrament was very pleasing to God. So we all headed over to the church and knelt down in front of the altar- all 30 of us! It was so beautiful. There were a few prishoners praying in the church at the same time, and I am sure it was good for them to see all of the pre-teens bring their hopes and prayers to Our Lord.

I think it is very inspiring to see young people stiving for holiness. It is good for me to pray with my students because sometimes being a teacher can be frustrating and trying on one's patience. Praying with them enables me to see them as children of God and reminds me how much Our Lord deeply loves each of them.

Right now, Andrew and I are in Bellingham visiting with Mom and Dad St.Hilaire, Lou and Jenna (our brother and sister), and our friends from the Newman Center. We wanted to "get away" this weekend because I will begin taking night classes on Monday. Needless to say, I will be very busy and tired until... April. I am anxious about having so many commitments, but I know this will be short-lived and Our Lord will give me the strength to do well in what he has called me to do.

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  1. And here before reading I thought that the title ("God Loves my Students") was going to mean that your students were being trouble and you kept having to remind yourself that God loves them. :) But no, things seem to be going well. That's good.