Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hello everyone! We have some wonderful news to share with you. I am pregnant! The baby is about ten weeks old now and is due on May 9th. We have known for a couple of months, but are just now sharing the news. We went to our first doctor's appointment on the 13th and got to see an ultrasound. We saw the baby's heart beat and the little guy or girl wiggling around.

I have been feeling alright so far. My stomach is often upset though. I have a really sensitive gag-reflex too. Brushing my teeth is the worst time for this. I have thrown up two times so far (which I detest). Most of the time when I feel like I could throw up, I just try to walk around or drink some water and the feeling will go away. Other than that, everything is great!

We would really appreciate your prayers for our little one. So please pass the word around to all you know. God bless!


  1. Wow!!! Congrats, that is so wonderful! I'll keep you in my prayers! : )

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  3. YAY!!!

    OK, I'm a little new to the first trimester ultrasounds-- is the shape at the top Baby Hizzle?

  4. Congratulations! How exciting! You will be in our thoughts and prayers.
    love, Zach and Cheri