Saturday, October 11, 2008


Well, it has been a few weeks and Andrew reminded me that I should blog. It is so nice having a person to hold me accountable =)

I can hardly believe we are near the middle of October. The month has really gone by fast! A couple of days ago, Andrew and I celebrated our second month-a-versary (as we like to call them). Well, we didn't really "celebrate," it was more like at 11pm on that day we spoke these words:
"Hey, what is today?"
"October 9th."
"Awe, we've been married two months!"

School is going well. I have been very busy juggling many tasks. I honestly look back at each day and don't know how I got through it. This coming week will be especially busy because it is midterm for my students, which mainly means more work for me... Please keep me in your prayers.

This morning our power went out. It was really weird because we looked outside and it was sunny. I guess the electricity people were working on something... Anyway, Andrew and I realized that all the things we rely on do not work with out electricity. This was not a shock, but it really made me thing that we should have some supplies for emergencies. For example, I told Andrew we should get a portable radio so we are able to hear the news. We are right next to Safeway, so we would not be short on food. This power-outage (along with the cold weather) also created a longing in me for a fireplace or wood stove. I am very excited to live with Andrew in our own home someday, where we can dream up and have whatever we want; but I am very thankful for the house we are renting now. It really is perfect for us at this point in our life.

Andrew has been going to Seattle every Tuesday and Thursday to help out with the Seattle forty-days-for-life. He is taking advantage of the down-time God has gifted him, but soon he will need to find a job (prayers for that are appreciated too!). Nevertheless, I am very proud of him for making that trip two days a week.

Well, that is all the news I have!

Talk to you later!

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