Sunday, February 22, 2009

Holy Housewifery ~ Chapter 2

Chapter 2 ~ Pollyanna was a good kid

  • "There is nothing phony in ferreting out joy.  It takes courage to dig deep and constantly.  It takes courage to not succumb to ever-waiting-around-the-corner self-pity.  
  • There are so many things in the day that could be a cause to dwell in negativity, but finding joy in each moment will lead to your sanctity.
  • Play the "glad-game": look for the good in what you have now, right this moment--or in what you are or what you are doing.  "When we start playing [the glad game], frilling it up with our spiritual motif, it becomes an involuntary, subconscious thing.  It gets in your blood, you become an addict.  You'll even smile when the bills come in." (I don't know about that one!)
  • The story of St. Germaine was told in this chapter.  Her story is basically that of a Saintly Cinderella.  She lived with much physical suffering and her stepmother treated her like she was less than human.  She slept in a barn with the sheep and was in charge of them. Through all this physical and emotional suffering, St. Germaine was joyful.  Her "joy was not contagious.  The townspeople considered her the village idiot for being happy with so little reason, and they subjected her to the open ridicule and suspicion this position bestows."
  • Inspired by St. Germaine, I realize that I need to be more joyful--not necessarily for the purpose of spreading it to others, but just because joy is the fruit of love and to be loving is to be in close union with God.  If I want to be closer to God, then I should try more earnestly to live out the virtue of joy.
  • "Cheer up, tomorrow may be worse!"

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