Friday, February 20, 2009

Let's Compare...

I was looking through our blog and found my first belly picture. I couldn't believe how small I was! It is pretty amazing to see the progression over the months. Seeing this first picture made me long to be just me. I don't mean that in a selfish way- I love Baby St.Hilaire and I am honored to share my body with him. I would do anything for him! But, since I know the months are dwindling down, I can't help but long to just have him in my arms instead of my belly =)

Lately, I have not been sleeping very well. Last night I woke up from a crazy dream and found the time to be 2 am. Normally I would rejoice in having a lot more time to sleep, but I found myself feeling exhausted from sleeping. I have such vivid dreams and they seem to occur all night long. This makes my sleep seem like work. I forget who I was talking to, but I recently had a conversation with someone about this matter and they told me it was kind of God's way to prepare you for perpetual tiredness, which you are bound to have once the baby is born and keeping you up during the night. So I guess in my tiredness, I should be saying "thank you" to Our Lord for the preparation. And so, I choose to submit. I know God has a special design for motherhood, so I am glad to see Him working to prepare me for the important task of caring for His son.

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  1. Hey, you even got shorter, too! Imagine that. I hope that everything is going well (and the sleep problem cures itself). Feeling exhausted after waking up could also be due to lower sleep quality, but then, the other person could also be right. :) We should stop by way out there and visit some time! God Bless!