Friday, November 6, 2009

7 Quick Takes ~ Vol. 11

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1. John likes cereal: We started feeding John rice cereal this week. He seems to be enjoying it. I mix it with breast milk so that it tastes familiar. I have him eating cereal only once a day. Last Saturday, we experimented and gave him some cheesy grits. We were eating them and thought he might like them too... not so much!

2. New High Chair: A few weeks ago we bought a great high chair off of Craigslist. It was listed in North Seattle and that's where my brother lives. So I emailed him about it to see if he could pick it up for us. Later that day, I got a call from my dad. He said they were looking at a high chair and began describing it to me. It sounded exactly like the one I saw on Craigslist. "Where are you?" I asked my dad. "North Seattle," he replied. I was amazed... how did they know about that high chair?? Then my brother got on my dad's phone and explained that they were together and decided to go look at the chair. I had no clue my parents were going to see my brother. I was so confused. But it worked out well because my parents were able to get the chair and bring it home that night! So in just one day, we went from not having a high chair to having a beautiful one!

3. Mom and Dad St.Hilaire just got back from a trip to Italy with Lou, Jenna, and some friends. They have been gone for over a week now. Mom called Andrew today to announce their return. They will be coming down to visit next weekend. We are so excited to hear their stories and see lots of pictures (I hear they took over one-thousand!!).

4. Mother's Group: I am helping out with a mother's support group at Star of the Sea. We had an informational meeting on Thursday, but we won't begin meeting regularly until January. We had a good turn out at the meeting! I am so excited! We will be using the "Women of Grace" program. It looks great!

5. PYC: I also began helping with another group this week. I will be co-leading a group called Pro-life Youth Committee (PYC). I hope that a lot of my former students will get involved with it so I can see them more often! There is so much potential for this group. There are not many members at this point, so please keep this group in your prayers! We will be doing a kick-off party in December.

6. ACP: Andrew's has been tirelessly working with our friend, Tom, in their group called the Anti-Choice Project (ACP). This group began in February and has really sparked a lot of controversy and conversion in Bremerton. They have been covered in our local news paper several times since February. This Winter, Andrew and Tom will be focusing more on the organizational aspect of the group, so next year they can have an even greater presence in Kitsap County and other areas in Washington. I am proud of Andrew's dedication to defending the unborn in our society.

7. Milestone for John: During the last week, I have been hearing about how babies should be falling asleep on their own around the age of 6 months. I know there are different ways of parenting, and I try not worry if I'm not doing everything like everyone else. That being said, I felt that John was far from falling asleep on his own - when going down for a nap or to bed at night, I would typically nurse him until he was sound asleep. Then I would carefully get up and leave him on the bed. This has worked for us so far, but it was cumbersome at times because when I got up to leave he would often wake up. I felt like I was stuck in bed with him until he was in a deep sleep. This took a lot of time out of my days and nights. So last night we did our night routine and I nursed him, but instead of staying with him, I got up and left after he was done nursing. He cried. We decided that we would let him cry for about 10 minutes and then go in to comfort him. He cried for about 9 minutes and then it got awfully quite in the bedroom. Andrew went to go check on him and found our precious little boy sound asleep! We were both amazed! That seemed pretty easy! Today I have done the same thing for both of his naps. He did not cry at all today, he just went to sleep after I got up. Who knows, maybe he is just being good now and it will take a turn for the worse. I sure hope not!


  1. You are doing a great job in teaching little John how to sleep. Parents have such tender hearts that at times it may seem cruel to leave a babe to soothe himself to sleep, but look at how fast he learned! Congratulations - may your other parenting adventures be as easy...

    I am glad you will be helping with the PYC group - please contact all the teen youth in the parish via phone or email - it has been a very exclusive group for too long.

    GO Anti-Choice!!! Continued prayers for all who participate.

  2. with the sleep thing, that's what happened to us, too. A bit before 6 months I got to the breaking point and couldn't get up every hour with Avila. So one night I nursed her, laid her down, and after a small amount of crying she's never looked back! looks like all is well with you guys. what an adorable little boy!