Saturday, November 21, 2009

6 Quick Takes ~ Vol. 12 (Cute Sleeping Pictures!!)

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1. John loves, what we call, his "ocean chair." When he kicks and moves around, it sings songs and bubbles show up on the little aquarium screen. I put him in this chair whenever I need to get something done (usually cooking). Anyway, one morning this week I set him down so I could go get ready for the day. I noticed he got awfully quiet after a few minutes. I went in the kitchen to have a peak and this is what I found:

2. Most of the time, I wake up in the morning because John is ready to get up. One day last week I woke up before him and just couldn't help capturing a picture of my cutie pie! I wonder if his arm fell asleep...

3. Last Friday we went to an alumni get-together with folks we knew from the Catholic Newman Center at WWU. We were out pretty late. I brought John's pajamas so he could fall asleep in the car on the way home and we could just put him in bed when we got home. He was playing with the Rosary that I hung from his car seat for awhile and then feel asleep while holding it!! =) We think he fell asleep during the second decade:

4. Uncle Aaron must be really comfortable! John seems to like taking his naps right on his lap! The first picture is of John when he was about two months old. The second picture is from Andrew's birthday party!

5. I began writing this post yesterday while John was sleeping on my back in the Ergo carrier:

6. Don't you just want to cuddle with him? Wow, I'm feeling sleepy after looking at all these pictures! Sleep well tonight everyone!

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  1. So, I'm thinking that John looks more like Lindsey when he smiles, and more like Andrew when he's concentrating. Does anyone else notice this?