Monday, February 15, 2010

9 Months Old...

John turned nine months old today. I've been anticipating this day with mixed emotions. I'm so proud of my little waving-crawling-chattering-solid eating little boy and I love the changes that each day brings. On the flip side, today marks the day that he has been out in this world as long as he was inside me. Before now, I could say that he has spent more of his life growing inside me than being outside in the world. For me, this day is very significant and I feel a little sad. I loved being pregnant and now it seems like a distant, fond memory.

I drove by the birthing center today where John was born. Whenever I drive by that place, I feel great excitement. I love thinking back to the day John was born, it was such a surreal turning point in my life. And now I have a big boy that is getting into everything! =) It has all happened so quickly!

Another crazy thought is if I got pregnant again on the same day I gave birth to John (pretty much impossible), I would be due any day now! Haha, that's a funny thought!

Well, here's to you, John! My wonderful, joyful little boy! My heart swells every day with love for you! I am so proud to me your Mama!

After John's first bath at home!

John's bath last night!

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  1. Aw, he's growing up. I really like that second photo of him, it's kinda artsy with the water all ripply. What a cutie!