Monday, March 15, 2010

7 Quick Takes ~ Vol. 15

I know I'm supposed to do these on Friday... but oh well! They're just as good on Monday, right?

1. ACP Kickoff: Two Saturdays ago we had an Anti-Choice Project (ACP) kickoff party in our apartment. It was well attended and I think everyone had a good time. Then on Sunday, we had our first protest of the season. John and I went out with Andrew and every one else. It is always hard to be out there, exposing the horror of abortion. I have so much admiration for my wonderful husband, who is able to get over any fear he may have and stand up for the defenseless unborn! He's my hero.

2. Lullabies from Aunt Jenna: After John was born, his Aunt Jenna gave him a CD of her singing lullabies. For the last few months, I have been using the CD as John's bedtime music. We have a CD player right by his bed, and I press play whenever I am putting him down to sleep. We hear it three times a day, but it never gets old! It makes me sad to think that there are only two babies in the whole world that get to hear Jenna's lullabies (John and Jenna's other niece) - everyone else is missing out!

3. Visit from cousins: Two weekends ago, Ben and Angele, our cousins from the Kennewick area, came to visit us. Ben generously shared his skills and manpower to prune all of my parents' fruit trees. It's great being related to such talented people! ;) We also had a nice time visiting with them and playing some Tile Rummy. We hope they come back soon!

4. Clean kitchen: I've been trying to keep our kitchen cleaner... it has been a long battle, because I really enjoy getting it messy (aka. cooking and baking). Last week I did a pretty good job of keeping it clean throughout the day and then also cleaning up after dinner. I proud of myself! =D

5. "Springing Forward": John and I definitely slept in until 9:30 today... but hey, our bodies think it's 8:30, right? Plus, we were up until 1:30am, so I think a late wake up time is OK for today.

6. Productivity: Even though it's only 12: 45pm right now, John and I have already accomplished so much! (Sense the sarcasm here?) While I was getting ready this morning, John found his liquid bath soap and managed to unscrew the cap and pour the contents on the floor! - Great start to the day!

7. John turns 10 months old today! It's hard to believe that he will be a year old in two months!! Here are some pictures I took this morning. I think he looks particularly bald due to the bad lighting... but he's still super cute!

Strike a pose, John!

Nice, looking good!

Wow, 8 teeth!? You're so handsome!

"Mom, enough pictures, already!"

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  1. Aww! I'm really glad you and John like the CD. Someday it'll probably wind up on the internet ... I just have to get rights for The Tree Song or replace it with something in the public domain. :)

    Great pictures of John! :D