Friday, March 26, 2010

7 Quick Takes ~ Vol. 17

1. I have caught the spring cleaning bug! My house isn't that messy, but for some reason, I see every little speck of dirt and it's driving me crazy!

2. Company tomorrow: Mom and Dad St.Hilaire are coming to visit us this weekend. I always get so excited to have them come! =D We can't wait!

3. John's bed: We've tried many different sleeping arrangements for John. Poor little guy has to put up with novice parents! Right now, he is in his own bed on the floor, next to my side of the bed:
4. Collecting prayers: Tomorrow, Andrew, John and I will be joining other members of our church for a door-to-door ministry - it is part of the Catholics Come Home campaign. We are going to visit houses in the neighborhoods surrounding Star of the Sea and a) invite people to come to Church during Holy Week and b) ask them if they have anything for us to pray for. Andrew and I did something similar to this when we lived in Bellingham. I enjoyed it because asking for prayer intentions transcends religious denominations, so I felt like I could reach out and be connected to people of other faiths without the pressure of discussing our differences. Leave a comment and let us know if you have anything you want us to pray for during Holy Week!

5. On Wednesday, I began my day by calling Poison Control! Don't worry, John is fine. I just has a scare because he got a hold of his liquid vitamin bottle and managed to unscrew the "child-proof" cap - spilling it all over himself! I he had some on his face, so I thought that he may have swallowed some. So, just to be safe, I made the call. The assured me that he will be fine. Whew!

6. The retreat: The retreat I went on last weekend was really great! John was very well-behaved and all the ladies loved him. I had a lot of help from women who wanted to be with him so I could listen to some of the meditations and spend time in prayer. The main light I got from the retreat was that I need to pray more. I know that seems obvious, but it is something I know I need to do, yet it is SO hard to make time to pray during the day. Right now I have a quote up in our kitchen from Fr. Hilary Ottensmeyer that says, "Until you are convinced that prayer is the best use of your time, you will not find time to pray." How true that is!

7. My sweet friend, Becky, came over yesterday and brought over her supplies for a pedicure! She knew I have been having a rough week (weening John from night nursing, helping John get through his cold, calling poison control...) and she wanted to make me feel better with a good ol' foot soak! That is exactly what I needed! We also watched Julie and Julia, which I thought was a really cute movie. Thanks Becky for the much-needed girl time!

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  1. I think one of the wonderful things about the vocation of motherhood is that your life can become a prayer. All the little things we do throughout our day, making our baby smile, making a snack for our toddler, making the bed, seem small but they are huge services in the eyes of God. I was reading "Graced and Gifted" by Kimberly Hahn, wife of Scott Hahn, and she was talking about how she used to hate ironing knew someone that always did all this ironing and asked how she did it and the woman replied that as she ironed a garment she prayed for the person who would wear it. It totally changed Hahn's attitude about ironing. I love how we serve God in our families and in our homes, our domestic churches.