Saturday, September 18, 2010

16 Months Old!

A few days ago, John turned 16 months old! Since his birthday in May, time has really flown! People often ask me how old he is and I really have to think about it. I'm looking forward to when I can stop counting the months and just go by years - that will be easier on my brain!

I really enjoy my days with John and I love watching his personality bloom. He has a minor shoe obsession and will bring me my shoes periodically during the day and insist that I put them on. I always put on the shoe he gives me and sometimes I find myself walking around the house with just one shoe on. He is also learning about how he can control situations and people. For example, he will often motion for me to come with him and if I don't, he will come over and physically turn me and push me in the direction he wants me to go. It is pretty cute at this point...

I try to take him out often to do fun things. We go to the library and parks, and play with friends. I know he enjoys getting out of the house because yesterday he motioned for me to come with him and led me to my purse. I gave it to him thinking he wanted it, but then he gave it back to me and handed me my flip flops. Then he walked to our front door and tried to open it!  Fortunately, he hasn't successfully opened a door yet, but I'm glad he knows what I need to leave the house. Maybe he will start reminding me when I forget something!

Here are some of the latest goofy pictures of little Johnny:
Wearing Clare Herring's glasses and riding her bike!
Feeding himself!


  1. This stage is one of my favorites...Ben is doing all sorts of new things too. One of our most favorites, is that instead of saying "No" he just says "Uh-uh" and shakes his is so much nicer than a big "NO!" Have fun with John (sounds like you are!) because this time is so precious and so fleeting.

  2. Lindsey, I always enjoy your posts. You are a blessed woman to be certain and John is one beautiful boy!

  3. He is such a cute little boy. :)