Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bellingham Marathon

Go Aunt Marie!
On the weekend of September 24th and 25th, we went up to Bellingham for the first time since last Christmas! It's been that long because Andrew has been working six days a week this year. So Andrew's parents have been gracious enough to come visit us here each month. But it has been hard for us not to go up there - we have really missed it! The last time we were there, John wasn't even crawling! Let me tell you, he was all over their house this time! Dad St.Hilaire dusted off their ol' rocking horse that he built for Andrew's older siblings in the early 70s. John LOVED it! I'd love to see a picture of Andrew on that horse, to compare with the pictures we got of John.

The reason for our visit was our sister, Marie, was in town to visit with family and run in the Bellingham Bay Marathon!! She has only been training for the last three months, though she has been running short distances for a few years. And by "short distances" I sure don't mean my definition - which would mean about ten feet! Our other sister, Jenny, came up from California to be here for the grand event. We hadn't seen our sisters since our wedding. So this was their first time meeting little Johnny! We were really excited for him to meet his Aunts.

Here are some pictures in a very random order:

I learned how to make Paella!

On a family walk!

Just after the marathon. We are SO proud!

Family dinner! So nice seeing everyone!

Mom and Dad had a trophy made for Marie. It turned out great! =)

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