Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine Cake

As the leader of the Pro-Life Youth Committee at our Church, I put a lot of work in planning our annual Couples' Dinner which was last Saturday. This year our theme was"Wedding Reception." Part of the evening included a couple (randomly chosen) cutting a cake. I wanted to have a cake that was very pretty but also frugal. So I decided to make it myself. I used this recipe to make the fondant. The cake topper is a Valentine figurine that I got at the Dollar Tree. I also couldn't have done it without borrowing a lot of supplies from my friend who is a pastry chef (Thanks, Emily!).

I was very proud of the end result!


  1. That cake is AWESOME!!!!!

  2. Wow! That is beautiful! I've never tackled fondant before :-D. Well done, Lindsey!

  3. It's gorgeous! Nice job! Hope to chat with you sometime at church. Seems like every time we see each other we're going in opposite directions. :)