Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Feast Day!

John and I went grocery shopping yesterday and we saw our favorite grocery checker there, Annie. She is so fun and we always choose her lane over the others even if there is a wait. John always loves to see her. Yesterday she was wearing a St. Patrick's day headband. John was intrigued, so she let him wear it. I warned John that we had to give it back, and she generously told us to have it - she has plenty more. That was SO nice! Needless to say, John wore it a lot today and got some great compliments from his friends at Mothers' Group this morning.

Here at the St.Hilaire household, we just finished enjoying a yummy Irish-inspired meal: Soda Bread (recipe from Mom St.Hilaire), and Guinness Beef Stew served over a mound of Colcannon. It was delicious and we gave the meal 4 stars (out of 5) - which is very good; we reserve the 5 star for only the finest cuisine known to man (in our humble opinions).

Happy Feast of St. Patrick!

PS. Today is also my conception day too! Thanks, Mom and Dad!! =)

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