Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen...

...we have a tooth! Yesterday Peter Julian cut his first tooth (bottom right)! Last week was a long week for me with this little guy and his big brother. There were two nights in particular where I was feeling pretty down about my parenting skills. But it was encouraging when we realized that Peter was teething. Maybe that's why I was having a rough week. However, that doesn't explain John's misbehaviors... Who knows what's up with that almost-three-year-old! He's a different story! I'm pretty sure Peter is working on cutting another tooth, so I'm expecting another crabby week for him.

{Update: Today, on 2/23, his second tooth broke through!}

It's hard to capture a picture of the tooth itself, so I got this video of him where you can kind of see the tooth (FYI - you won't see the tooth until the very end of the video):

Today Peter is officially four months old! A few weeks ago, we decided to try him out in the crib. Here is our new routine: He falls asleep in our arms in the living room. We coax him into a deep sleep in the glider. When we think he is in a deep sleep, we transfer him to his crib and wait it out. By golly, the first night we did this, he slept in his crib from 10:30pm to 3:30am! The second night from 10:30am-6am!!!!! Since John slept in our bed until he was a year old, I was kind of sad with the prospect of Peter sleeping on his own at such a young age. The first couple of nights were lonely for me, but if he is ready, then I don't want to hold him back. Plus, when he wakes up I bring him to our bed and we sleep/snuggle for the rest of the early-morning. He usually sleeps in our bed until about 8:30.

Here is a cute video of Peter that I took today. He is quite the jumper!

John and Peter are interacting a lot more. John always wants me to put Peter in the Jump-a-roo so that he is at his level. Peter is very content watching John play and I can see in his eyes that he wants to jump right in and join him! That will happen soon enough! John also loves to make Peter laugh. Here is a great video of the giggling duo:


  1. Yeah Peter!!!! Congratulations on your first tooth! Lindsey you are an amazing mother. I am sure John is just going through a phase and testing his boundaries. John and Peter are so lucky to have such a beautiful and loving mother!

    1. Awe, thanks, Chelsea!! =) I do my best, but it's hard to always be on top of my game when parenting is 24/7! I'm sure you can relate!