Sunday, June 24, 2012

John Quotes ~ Vol. 8

John: This is your choice Mama - do you want to play with me or... play in the sink with me. What do you choose?
- - -
His cousin gave him some Berenstain Bear books and he loves reading them. Whenever I ask him to pick out a book for story time, he picks one of those books. He calls them the "Bear-slene bears" =)
- - -
John: Mom, you can't play with me right now.
Me - pretending to be sad but secretly thinking of all the things I could do with a little "free time": What am I going to do???
John: Well... (pause), you can clean the diapers!
Me: Good idea! (not quite what I had in mind!)
- - -
John: Where's my lollipop?
Me: I threw it away because you weren't being nice.
John: Let me see... (looks in the garbage)... Oh - my - gosh, I can't believe you threw my lollipop away!
Me, stunned and holding back laughter: Well, John, you need to be a nice boy to have a lollipop.
- - -
John singing: ♫ a b c d h i k l m o p ... q r s t u v w x 10 2 3, now I know my ABCs next time won't you sing with me. ♬
(I love how numbers were inserted in the ABCs)

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