Friday, December 12, 2008

Baby St.Hilaire's first video!

What an amazing experience to witness your child nestled in his or her (no mention of gender until you watch the video!) mother's womb. So fragile and delicate, yet unbelievably complex. As you'll see in the video, the heart has developed the chambers and valves, and has been beating since about 5 weeks (our baby is 17 weeks old), and as Lindsey pointed out to me today, will continue beating for the rest of his/her life! I was surprised even to realize the intricacy of the umbilical cord -- which comes from the baby, not the mother -- that has two arteries and a vein.

When in awe of the beauty and mystery of creation, we must give due credit to the Creator.

A funny aside: Poor Lindsey was told prior to the ultrasound that she needed to drink 64 oz of water. So our 15 minute drive to Silverdale was good practice for our run to the hospital come May 9thish, because Lindsey had to pee so bad it looked painful : ) When we got to the clinic, we went to check in at the front desk, and they didn't have Lindsey scheduled for an ultrasound appointment. We went through the whole spelling of our last name, which is notoriously tricky, and tried her maiden name as well, with no luck. Lindsey was about to wet herself.

Fortunately, the receptionists figured out the mix up and told us we were really supposed to be at another clinic just a minute away. Well, when we got to the right clinic, and the ultrasound technician began his measurements, it turned out Lindsey had too much to drink and her bladder was squishing the baby, so he made her go to the bathroom, but only "halfway." Supposedly this is really hard for women? : ) So she gets back, partially relieved, and she's still too full, and has to use the bathroom again.

About halfway through the video, you'll hear the technician asking if she'd like to go to the bathroom again, this time to let it all out! He insisted. So should you find yourself scheduled for an ultrasound and told to drink 64 oz of water beforehand, I'd recommend 20 to 30 oz instead.


  1. I swear I thought I saw it holding a X-box controller.Maybe??? know?.. maybe a hair brush...? oh well... I won't ruin the movie. but I almost shed a tear for the most beautiful love story ever.. mr and mrs. stockton sounded amazed...

  2. Wow! Cute kid! These are certainly exciting times. I expect I'll see the three of you soon. Take care!

  3. i totally guessed right! i've been right for everyone preggo i know so far... yesssss!
    congrats and get ready for the ride of your life!


  4. Congrats you guys....hope everything goes smoothly...we are keeping the whole family in our prayers.

  5. Isnt it amazing what babies look like inside? Its totaly their own little space! Congrats you guys! And prepare yourselves...its not easy being parents. My son is almost 16 months and its been crazy but interesting! Anyway--congrats! Enjoy every minute of parenting, it may be hard but its definetly rewarding!

  6. Isnt it amazing what babies look like inside? It's like their own little space! Congrats you guys on the baby boy! Enjoy every minute of parenting! Its tough but its definetly rewarding! Again--congrats!