Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter pictures

I've been playing around with the Mom & Dad Stockton's camera (Nikon D70), and was able to take some nice shots of the birds in the snow.  I don't know how these little birds manage to stay warm in these freezing temperatures, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves, and looked so beautiful in the snow.

Here's a look at the Sound with the snow clouds set in.  Believe it or not, the water is behind those trees.

Lindsey gave Dymphna a much needed bath.  Dymphna's favorite part of the bathing process is being blow dryed.


  1. I cant believe that is a pet??! Um, how does it go potty and such? she mentally ill? hehe. This snow is crazy!

  2. This comment doesn't fit this post....but I just looked at your wedding pics...beautiful. Who did them? You both look so happy and what a special day. Reminded me of mine some, I used fresh lavender in all of my bouqet was white roses adn lavender..your dress reminded me of mine some too!! Loved your bridesmaid dresses!!!

  3. =) She is a really odd pet, but we love her! She keeps us laughing! She wears a diaper to catch her poopoo. We change it about once a day. Andrew named her Dymphna because she has a twitch (as many chickens do) and St.Dymphna is also the patroness of nervous twitching! =)

    Our friend Casey did our pictures. We are very pleased at how they turned out. Here is his blog:

    Sounds like our style is similar! I hope your family is enjoying some quality time together!