Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ants (part 2)

About a month ago, our uninvited guests started trickling in again. We'd spot one or two little rascals scavenging the floor for something to nibble on. It was manageable, so long as the number of them was fewer than or equal to the number of fingers we had to squish them with.

Minutes before Lindsey and I were about to leave for a weekend in Oregon, I happened to discover something awry in the sugar bowl:

I could only imagine the ecstasy these ants were in. The feeling was not reciprocated. That is, not until we left them to drown in the sink.... muhahahah!

We've since noticed these ants have a distinct odor to them. At least when you squish them. It's a potent, toxic-like smell. This from Wikipedia:
"the sugar ant (depending on species) can defend itself by spraying acid from their abdomens to deter predators."
Well, it may be repulsive, but it's not enough to deter us "predators."

We've since started using bait again. They seem to like it, although to recall our experience from the summer, they ate from the bait in droves for two solid weeks, and it never seemed to have any effect. It seemed we were merely treating the enemy to a tasty meal. Overall, their numbers seem far less than back in the summer. The bait for now has them controlled to one spot in the house, so we'll just have to wait and see if it will have any effect.

I must say, I marvel at their resilience. They are determined little buggers.

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  1. Squishing ants isn't very pro-life you know. ;-)