Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Update

We went to our birthing class on Saturday. It was pretty informative, but it made me rather anxious about the birth of Baby St.Hilaire. I have been feeling called to do the birth naturally with no meds. Most of my friends have done so, and they have been very encouraging for me. However, sometimes I come across people who think I am crazy. Maybe I am. I just believe that I am a woman and my body was made to do this, no matter how painful it may be.

This last Sunday I was praying at Mass and offering up my fear of pain. I have been planning on bringing a picture of Jesus on the crucifix as a focal point for the birth. During the consecration at Mass, the words struck me: "This is my Body, given for you." I decided that I want to have that written above the crucifix in my delivery room. Our highest calling is to give our bodies for the life of others--just as Christ did. It makes me cry to think of having the honor of suffering for my child. I will offer any ounce of pain for his holiness.

I am afraid, and my fear grows with each day that passes. But I am trying to transform that fear into humble surrender. With this painful experience quickly approaching, "taking up your cross" has a whole new meaning for me.

On another note, I am really enjoying this last trimester of pregnancy. I can feel basically every movement of the baby. It is so reassuring to feel him rolling around in there. I pray he will be healthy and holy!

"This is my Body, given for you!"


  1. Home stretch!! Enjoy this last bit of your pregnancy and make sure to get a lot of sleep. I think it's great that you want to do a natural birth, but don't be disappointed if it ends up not being one. Sometimes God has other plans :) I thought the pain of childbirth was the most frightening thing that God could bring me through, but as it turned out having a c-section was even more frightening and I just didn't realise it, but he brought me through that too!

  2. I will be praying for you and the baby during this last stretch!! Remember that there is no worry or shame if you have to or want some help with pain relief and meds. Childbirth and pregnancy in general is usually a lot to offer up with all the little aches adn pains....and parenting will be no different!! I had help with Angel's labor as it was 30+ hours and had a no med labor and delivery with Emma. Very different and both were amazing, painful and full of blessings!!

  3. You can do it, Lindsey! I'm praying for you and Andrew and the baby. May you come through labor easily, may the baby be holy and healthy, and may the bones in Andrew's hand remain intact!

    No matter what God has in store for you during delivery, He knows your desire to do His will. That you are following the call not to use meds shows your love of Him and His will for your family. So no matter what, he will see all three of you through! Love all three of you!

  4. Just a few things I was thinking about as well....with both of my births I brought a crucifix to the room to concentrate on as well as some pictures of the baby in an ultrasound or with Emma I brought pics of Angel. I also had thought ahead of time of lots of different intentions for others with each contraction you could focus it onto a specific prayer intention and hope that your suffering could ease someone else's. You both will do beautifully!! Although, Jason did say that after Emma was born that he thought his hand was going to break and it was the worse pain he ever felt!! I guess that it partly what happens with no meds!!! Keep us posted!