Friday, July 24, 2009

7 Quick Takes ~ Vol.4

1. As you can see from the videos I posted, John is really growing and developing fast. I am really enjoying this stage. He is smiling a lot more. There is nothing better than when I glance over at him and his face lights up with a big grin. I feel loved.

2. Adjusting to John's schedule has been a challenge for me. For the first two months, I lived by his routine (which was non-existent). My mom suggested that I try to formalize a nap time for him. This has helped tremendously! He takes a nap from about 11:30 to 2:30 every day. With this time, I am able to get things done around the house... or take a nap with John. My naps are not nearly as long as his, so I can usually take a brief nap and then get stuff done. Sometimes he takes cat naps in the evening, but that is not guaranteed.

3. Now that John is on a schedule and I have more structured time, I have also added structure to my duties in the home. Mondays are menu day, Tuesdays are floor day, Wednesdays are surface day, Thursdays are laundry day, and Fridays are organizing day. In addition, I have instituted "Muffin Monday" and "Cookie Wednesday." I put all of these days on my google calendar and it sends me a reminder every day. I have been good about getting the floors cleaned on Tuesdays, but the other days have been challenging for me. I hope juggling these tasks will get easier. I think I am off to a good start in just trying to be more purposeful about my duties.

4. Not only has John been taking naps, but he has been doing so in his co-sleeper. Up until a week and a half ago, John was sleeping in our bed all night and sleeping in random places for his naps (the swing, his car seat... where ever he happened to fall asleep). Now I put him in his co-sleeper for his nap and he starts out the night in his co-sleeper but then joins us in our bed when he is ready for his night-time snack (around 2:30). I figure if he begins the night in his co-sleeper, he will just stay there when he starts sleeping through the night. This has been a difficult transition for me because I love sleeping with him! But I know this will help him transition when it is time for him to have his own bed.

5. We went to Joe and Anna's wedding last Saturday. They are friends of ours from Bellingham. They have both been living in Minnesota for the last few years. Now that they are married, they will be living here in Washington. We are excited to have them close again!

6. Tonight we welcomed Sr. Mary Joseph into our home. She came up from California to help with Vacation Bible School at Star and will be staying with my parents for the next week. I am excited to have her here and we feel blessed to have her as our guest.

7. John will be baptized on Sunday!!!!

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