Wednesday, August 12, 2009

John's Baptism ~ July 26, 2009

John was baptized on July 26th - the feast of St. Anne. John's Grandmas are pretty happy about that! ;) We invited our close friends to join us for John's first Sacrament. Many of them attended. It was very beautiful to witness my son being cleansed from original sin.

After his baptism we invited everyone over for a baptism party. There was good food and great company! We hope to honor this day every year by making it a special day for John. The following are pictures from that day:
John's godparents are his Uncle Lou and Aunt Jenna

I had a hard time deciding what to write on the cake... I could have said "Happy Baptism," but that seemed kind of weird. The words "Welcome Home" kept coming to mind. I wanted to give John the message that the Catholic Church is his home. No matter what paths he may wander on during his life, he will always find his home in the Church - with God his Father and his Mother Mary.

John's baptismal gown was a gift from both sets of grandparents. It will be used with all the children God blesses us with. Grandma St.Hilaire embroidered John's name and the date of his baptism along the hem of the gown. We will do this for everyone who is baptized in this gown.

Welcome Home John!!

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