Friday, October 16, 2009

7 Quick Takes ~ Vol. 10

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1. Friends: We hosted our friends, the Hardwicks, from Monday through Thursday. They were here to put on the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) - WARNING: link contains graphic images - at the UW on Wednesday and Thursday. We had a lot of fun with them! Janet and Darius have five wonderful and beautiful kids. It was fun to watch John try to interact with them.

2. GAP: Andrew, John, and I were able to go to GAP yesterday. Andrew went for the whole day, while John and I went for the last two hours. The whole time I was there, I had a great conversation with a woman who was "on the fence" about the abortion issue. By the end of our discussion, she seemed to largely agree with the pro-life side. She still struggles with the issues of rape and when the mother's life is in danger (which is a small fraction of the abortions that occur). I am so glad I was able to get through to her.

3. Christmas: I have decided that I am going to try to make most of my Christmas presents this year. When I was younger, I would always make gifts for my loved ones. It is great for me to make presents because I put so much time and love into them. Come Christmas morning, I am always SO excited for everyone to open my gifts. I already have ideas about what I am going to make... I better start now!

4. Milestones: John is starting to sit on his own! He is still working on building his core muscles, so he flops over pretty easily. But he is able to support himself for a good chunk of time before falling over. We have been practicing on the bed, then it won't hurt when he falls to the side.

5. Fixing things up: Our bathroom underwent some fixing this week. The fan for the shower was not working well because some birds thought the vent would be a lovely place for their nest. So my parents had their contractor come and replace the fan. This involved taking the ceiling apart, replacing the moldy insulation, installing the new fan, and putting new sheet rock on the ceiling. My parents also had blinds installed in our living room and kitchen. I'll be showing before and after pictures soon!

6. Organizing: We finished organizing all of our junk in the garage. It is now neatly organized in my "Duggar boxes!" We feel pretty proud of ourselves! We also donated a lot more stuff that we didn't need anymore. It is so liberating to let go of unnecessary clutter!

7. Random: As I was eating dried fruit this week, I wondered - why are dried grapes called "raisins," while any other dried fruit is called "dried _______ (mango...)"?

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