Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wisdom from the Cure d'Ars

Today I read about St. Jean Vianney's goals as he began his position as pastor of the church in Ars. The biographer said, " every pastor who has at heart the welfare of souls" should have the same resolutions:

"... to get in touch with the people as early as possible; to make sure of the concurrence of those families who enjoyed general respect; to make the good yet more perfect; to bring back the indifferent; to convert open and public evil-doers; above all, to persevere in prayer to God from whom all blessings flow; to sanctify himself so as to be able to sanctify others, and to offer expiation for the sins of those who refused to do penance for themselves."

In this year of the priests, let us be every thankful for our priests who live out similar goals. We are so blessed to have priests who embody their role as "Father" and tend to our spiritual needs.

St. Jean Vianney ~ Pray for us!

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