Friday, April 1, 2011

7 Quick Takes ~ Vol. 22

1. I had my first doctor's appointment on Wednesday. Everything went well and I got to hear Baby's heartbeat! Today I was looking back at our blog from when I was pregnant with John. It's neat to compare my experience and I am thankful that I kept a record.

2. Poor John keeps getting any cold he comes in contact with. He has a cold right now and today he felt horrible. I could tell by the way his eyes were red and squinty and his nose was draining all day - not to mention his terrible cough! At one point he was snuggled on the couch watching Blues Clues and I was cleaning up the kitchen. I hear his little voice "Hi. Hi. Hi..." I figured something must be up, so I went and checked on him. The poor guy had snot all down his lips and chin, yet he was politely trying to get my attention! We hope he feels better very soon!

3. I've had a few bouts of nausea with this pregnancy. But I saw the sliver lining today when John threw up in the kitchen, I took him right to the toilet and he knew to finish throwing up there because he has seen me do it a few times. So I guess I've been a good example for him...

4. Last week I made one of our favorite Indian dishes, Tikka Masala. I serve it over basmati rice (seasoned with salt and turmeric), and with Naan (Indian bread). I've experimented a lot with different Naan recipes - and I've been very unhappy with the results. It never turns out quite like they serve it at restaurants. So just for fun I experimented in a lazy way this time. I defrosted Rhodes Dinner Rolls as directed but then to bake them, I rolled them flat, broiled them in the oven on high on each side, and brushed melted butter and garlic salt on them. Surprisingly, they turned out amazing!!! They were light, fluffy, and bubbly - just like in the Indian restaurants we've been to. To top it off, while we were eating Andrew looked at me and said "This is a five!" Those four words meant so much to me. As I've mentioned before, we have a five star rating system (1-hate it 2-it was OK 3-it was good 4-it was great 5-it was amazing!). Fives are very hard to come by! So basically it's like he said "You're the best cook ever!" I was beaming for the rest of the night!

5. One of John's favorite things to do is blow kisses - not necessarily to be affectionate, more to be funny. It all started when we taught him to blow kisses at bed time. When he got the hang of it we made a joke by pretending to be blown away by his kiss. We would stumble backward and say "Woah!" This would get a great laugh out of him! But now he does it all. the. time. Which is fine, but some days I think I am going to get whip lash from all the blowing! We'll try to get it on video and post it, cause it is really cute!

6. John and I are really looking forward to nicer weather. He loves going outside, which he calls "side!?" But lately it has been rainy, so we've been cooped up inside. I promised him yesterday, as we gazed out the window at the rainy world, that it will soon be nice more often and we will go outside every day! I hope I can hold true to my word!

7. John has some cute words that he has come up with lately. He calls spiders and other bugs "paully." We have a stuffed animal that is a squirrel and he calls it "coy-ly." He has also seen squirrels outside and he gets very excited "coy-ly! coy-ly!"

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