Saturday, February 25, 2012

John Quotes ~ Vol. 4

The morning after we set up the Christmas tree - talking about a van ornament:
John: "Look at that car we have!"
Me: "It's a van."
John: "My hold it?"
Me: "It's breakable, Johnny..."
John: "My be really careful with that ban!"
I was tickling John and he wanted me to stop. He said, "Stop tickling, Mama. That's not a toy, that's your finger!"
Me: Are you pooping?
John: No
Me: I think you are.
John: I think I not are.
After spinning around:
"I'm spin-zy"
Me: I'm so glad your my son!
John: I'm glad your my son too!
Me: John, am I your mom?
John: I am your mom!

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