Saturday, April 14, 2012

House Hunting

We are currently in the exciting process of house hunting. It really is fun and makes me giddy, similar feelings to when Andrew and I were first dating. As a renter my whole adult life, I never knew house hunting would feel like this!

I love the big deck too!
We've been out three times so far and will be going again later today. I was quite smitten with an old farm-styled house built in 1901. It featured high ceilings, a beautiful wooden staircase, entry living room, dining room, den, big kitchen, beautiful yard. There were some quirks for sure, but I couldn't stop day-dreaming about the house. I would imagine how we would set up our furniture, having all the toys in the den which is right by the kitchen so that I could be cooking while the kids were playing. I imagined John and Peter coming down the old staircase in their pajamas on Christmas morning, seeing a huge tree in the front room...

I recognized that it probably wasn't good for me to think all these things, so I tied to stop. I offered it up in prayer: "Please let me be at peace if this house doesn't work out!"

We saw it three times and the third time we brought a coworker who has experience with construction. He agreed that it was a beautiful home with a lot of character, but quickly pointed out some major (expensive) issues. It seems that the previous owners fixed up the house to have great curb appeal, but the main structure wasn't that great, particularly the foundation.

So we decided to move on. We don't want to get involved with a house that is a money pit. I was sad, but also feel closure, knowing that it wasn't the prefect fit for our family. I've seen the house a few times on real-estate search engines and there is a slight pang in my heart - like I broke up with a boyfriend or something... =)

I know the right one is out there!

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  1. House hunting is so fun! and so much work. I hope you have a great agent, ours made all the difference (great Catholic woman). You will know when you know! Lots of prayers!