Tuesday, April 24, 2012

John Quotes ~ Vol. 7

Me: John eat your dinner because we need to go.
John: Where's Daddy?
Me: He's going potty.
John: That's amazing that you can hear him go pee-pee. That's amazing!
- - -
I was singing the Hokey Pokey and got to the end...
Me: ♫ That's what it's all about! ♪
John: No it's not!
- - -
John: Actually, Mama, I love you!
Me: I love you too Johnny! You're my sweet boy!
John (without missing a beat): Boogers live in my nose.
Me: Oh
John: Do boogers live in your nose too? I wanna see your boogers.
He looks up my nose... {I'm pretty sure there weren't any boogers in there...}
John: I think your boogers are stinky!

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