Friday, August 31, 2012

John Quotes ~ Vol. 9

John: You're gonna make me cry, Mama!
Me: Why???
John: Because I love you so much!
Me, melting heart: Awe, I love you too!
- - -
My little Washington-ion:
John, wearing a long-sleeved shirt in 70 weather: Mom, can you help me get my coat on?
Me: John, it's warm and summertime. You don't need a coat.
John: I don't want it to be summer! I want to wear my coat!
(Spoken from a boy who thinks rain boots are appropriate for any weather)
- - -
John and I were playing with a little doll house that was my childhood toy.
John: I'm having fun with this house!
Me: I'm glad! Do you like that it was mine when I was little?
John: Yeah, is that when you were a little boy?
Me: No, I was never a boy.
John: Oh.

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