Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And so it begins...

I had to blog about this experience while it is still fresh (though I should be packing for Bellingham right now...). I was just at the bank and the teller asked, "Are you expecting?" I smiled and said "yes," but my thought was "Hm, that's weird. I wonder if it says that on my account." Then I naively asked, "can you tell just by looking at me?" She said, "Yea, it's pretty clear."

There you have it--the first stranger to make a comment! I was kind of embarrassed and turned bright red (something that happens often lately). And then I got even more embarrassed for turning red, so I got even redder. She could tell I was uncomfortable and tried to make small talk... it was just a really awkward situation.

And so begins the comments, and (from what I hear) belly pats from strangers. I am sure I will get use to it, but it is a little, well, embarrassing.

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