Monday, November 17, 2008

"Fireproof" (and baby stuff)

We just went on a double date with my parents yesterday to see the movie "Fireproof." It is truly amazing! We all left with "salty cheeks," as Andrew said. My cheeks were more than salty, I was sobbing during one scene. I don't think I have cried that hard in a movie since I saw the "Passion of Christ" for the first time but it could have something to do with me just being more emotional lately.

For all the married couples out there, this is a perfect date movie. (And for all our unmarried friends, it is just a great movie- so go see it!). I think it really dug to the core of problems in marriages. Although Andrew and I are pretty new at this whole marriage business and do not really have the problems presented in the movie, I could definitely understand and relate to the movie's message, just because it's main message was "love is a choice." True love is not easy, sometimes it means we love people when they are not deserving, but just look at how much Christ loves us, and we are SO undeserving. We must approach marriage with the same spirit of dedication that Christ has in His love for us.

I don't want to spoil too much... so I won't say anymore. I just praise God that people are making movies like this and I know we need to support them. I know it has been in theaters for a while now, so it may be heading out soon. So if this message is coming to you too late, it would also be a good rental later on ;)

*******In other news...

Andrew and I went to our second doctor's appointment. We did switch doctors because of some pro-abortion vibes we were getting from our other doctor. As it turns out, one of my coworkers has a husband who works in the same clinic as our first doctor. He is Catholic and shares our values and beliefs.

So this was our first appointment with him. He was really great. We heard the baby's heart beat (insert salty cheeks here). We only got to see the heart beat with our first ultrasound, so this was the first time hearing our baby. We heard the little tyke loud and clear!

At our next appointment (December 10th) we will have another ultrasound and we will get to find out the gender of our baby. We have decided that we want to know. I figure, it will be a surprise either way... we will just be surprised a little earlier =) Andrew was talking to our friend Lauren about this and she also added that it is nice to be able to call the baby "him" or "her." The unborn are so dehumanized that it will be great to refer to them with a gender specific pronoun. Plus, then we can get going on figuring out a name! At this point, we really have no clue about names... and any names I suggest are apparently too "old-ladyish." I don't see what's so wrong with Esther or Agnes.


  1. Lindsey!

    I love reading about your baby stories!!! I can relate..imagine why! =) I can't believe you get to find out the sex on the 10th!!! I have to wait until Jan 8th!! I am sooo excited to find out! I have a hunch tho. =P Well see.

    I love you and continue to pray for you three!

  2. I am looking forward to watching that movie. I have heard amazing things about it. I just was talking to someone whose parents had been married for 44 years and were planning on getting a divorce. They watched Fireproof and changed their mind. Isn't that awesome?