Saturday, November 8, 2008

Christmas in November

Lindsey's parents have been gracious enough to let me play with their nice camera! Here are some festive pictures of Dymphna and one of a statue of Mary that I took at their house:

Halloween came and passed this year in the blink of an eye for Lindsey and me. Rest assured, we were inundated with Halloween costumes, decorations and candy just about everywhere we went, but since we chose not to celebrate the secular holiday in the "traditional" manner, the day went by like any other as we looked forward to All Saints Day and All Souls Day, feasts celebrated by the Church the first two days of November.

Lindsey and I were, however, looking forward to cheap pumpkins and candy following Halloween. We were going to make soup and pie out of the pumpkins and the candy... well, the candy needs no explanation. When Lindsey went to the store two days after, she was disappointed to find no Halloween candy or pumpkins in site, but instead fake Christmas trees and decorations! It's too bad the birthday celebration of the Son of God has become one of the most exploited holidays by our consumer society. Year after year, our attention is largely diverted from the Incarnation to materialism.

On a separate note, Lindsey is now a week into the second trimester and is beginning to show! We're growing with anticipation for the day in which we can greet and hold our child. Each night as we go to bed, I like to reach my arm around Lindsey's womb and pray for our baby. Just a week ago, the thought came across that already I have a child whom I love unconditionally. Amazing.

Lindsey has been doing well. She continues to feel nauseous at times and is looking forward to the day that's over with. Her endurance and positive outlook is something I admire daily. Lindsey is one of the hardest working people I know. She is one who embraces challenges and whose life is complete with selflessness. It's something I learned about Lindsey not long after we met over 3 years ago, and as God has designed marriage as a sacrament, or "sign", that points heavenward, I've witnessed how Lindsey is Christ to me and to others. I am humbled to be her husband and am looking forward to see my wife grow into the role of motherhood, something, I'm certain, will come naturally for her.

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