Thursday, June 25, 2009

7 Quick Takes ~ Vol.1

I have decided to participate in something called "7 Quick Takes." My friend Kristine does this and I always enjoy reading her thoughts. The idea is to list seven thoughts that are too short for their own post but more significant than a status update on Facebook or Twitter (although I don't use Twitter anyway). I think this will be helpful to sum up events each week and hold me accountable to posting at least once a week. Enjoy!

1. My parents own an old firestation that is divided into three seperate living spaces. We will be moving into one of them in nine days. We have been really busy making improvements to the apartment. We will be getting new carpet and some laminent, Andrew is putting a new coat of paint on most of the walls, I have been lining the drawers in the kitchen, and I will be attempting to re-grout the tile on the kitchen counters. There is so much to do and we are running out of time!

2. John is starting to talk. And by "talk" I mean saying things like "Gaa!" in response to a question. We are very proud of him! We will try to document this on a video to share with you!

3. On Wednesday night, I read a book to John and he fell asleep. I put him in his cosleeper and he stayed asleep. This is very unusual because he normally goes to bed with us and he sleeps in our bed. So this was the first time that I felt like I "put my son to bed" - a milestone for me! =)

4. I have been researching cloth diapering. We have decided to give it a go! Since the down side is the large cost up front, we decided to do cloth and disposable for a while. Each month, we will buy a few cloth diapers. Eventually we will ween ourselves off the disposable diapers. For those of you who are also considering cloth diapering, I found this blog to be very helpful (thanks Carrie for telling me about it!). I have also started using cloth diaper wipes. They are working great so far! I found a recipe for diaper wipe solution online. You just spray this solution on the cloth wipe and use it like the disposable wipes. I acutally found that I only need to use one cloth wipe; whereas I was using 2 or 3 disposable wipes for each diaper change.

5. We went to Bellingham last weekend and Andrew's parents threw us an "Open House" for John. It was really great to see all of our Bellingham friends! We miss you all!

6. We have been taking John to our Holy Hour on Wednesday nights. He normally just sleeps the whole time, but this week he was very alert. I watched him as he stared intently at the stained glass windows. I wondered what he was thinking. His gaze caught my interest and I noticed myself looking in awe at the beautiful windows too. I love how John helps me to see the world with "new eyes."

7. Andrew celebrated his first Father's Day last Sunday. It has been really neat to watch Andrew be a father to John. I knew he would be a great dad - that's one of the reasons I married him! John knows Andrew is a great dad too. When He comes home from work, John will just stare at him and often smile. I am impressed at the interaction they have together. Here is a picture of them together on Father's Day:

Love you Daddy!

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