Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Caption Contest!!

Here is John with Fr. Maurer and his priest friends. Write a comment to tell us what you think the caption should be for this picture. We will post the winner on Sunday!

(Here's mine: "Can you tell what vocation his parents are rooting for?")


  1. Now the picture is there....I got nothing right now.

  2. John: Are you my father?

    Priest: Indeed I am but, I have no clue where your parents are.

    -------Thats all I could think of...

  3. Ok. I've got a couple:

    "I think we've got a live one!"

    and then something like:
    "We'll put him on the 5 Sacrament program!"
    "Seperated by 5 Sacraments"
    "A priest for every Sacrament necessary to close the gap"

  4. 1. Fr. Maurer to John,

    " I don't think that liquid goes with my cassock."

    " Mundelein Seminary was fun, but Rome is much better."

    "What room do you have at the rectory?"

    John to Father Maurer:

    " When can I sign up to wear the Matrix costume?"

    "I don't like this original sin thing. Can you help me?"

    Other Priests:

    " Wow, can I have these people as my parishioners?"

    By Becky J.

  5. Twenty(ish) years from now, Father John St. Hilaire will discover this photo in his baby book and think, "Oh, now I get it."