Thursday, January 13, 2011

Launceford Christmas Party

In my childhood we would always go to my Grandma and Grandpa Launceford's house on Christmas Eve. I have many fond memories of this event. There were only three grandchildren (my brother, me, and a cousin who is a year older than me), until I was nine years old. Everyone got us a gift, so we were very spoiled! We would always eat and visit first, but the three of us grandkids would be very anxious to go downstairs where the glorious tree and all the presents were. We would often get permission to go down early and organize the gifts. The anticipation was almost unbearable.

After I turned nine, three baby boys were born - from three different families. After that, our family kept growing and growing! Currently, there are twelve grandchildren in all, plus one great-grandchild (little John!). Times have changed... the wonderful company has remained the same (except for my dear grandpa who is now in his eternal Home), but we don't gather on Christmas Eve anymore or at my grandma's house. Also the gift giving is pretty different since there are so many of us. Now we each bring one generic gift and draw names to see who picks a gift first. When a name is picked that person can either open a new gift or take one that has already been opened. It is fun and lighthearted. 

In all honesty, I nostalgically envy the consistency of the old traditions and plethora of gifts we received as kids. However, as an adult, I appreciate and realize the greater importance of enjoying the company of my extended family. All the grandkids are getting older, which means they will soon be going off to college and choosing their own paths in life. So at this moment, I am savoring this season of life where I can create new memories with my wonderful relatives. Times may change, but the love we share will always remain.

I've been promoted to the grown-up table!!!
John received this from Great-Grandma. He loves it!
John with Great Aunt Karen - wearing a mistletoe headband!
I joined in on the silly headband fun...

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