Wednesday, January 21, 2009

March for Life

Lindsey and I were both able to attend this year's March for Life, although technically we both had to work.  Fortunately, we both work for pro-life run organizations, which accommodated our "time off" to rally for the pre-born at our state's Capitol for the 31st annual March for Life!  (I have "time off" in quotes, because Lindsey was busy as a chaperon for the Star of the Sea middle school.)

As it turns out, both sets of parents were able to come as well, and so it was like a family reunion! We only got to see Lindsey for a brief minute, but it was great to know we were all there united for a cause so dear; a cause through which God ultimately brought our families together.  

The St.Hilaire's and Stockton's joined an estimated 7,000 people on the steps of the capitol building -- an unprecedented amount.  Prior to the March was the Mass for Life at St. Michael's. Bishop Tyson celebrated, with around 30 priests from the Archdiocese concelebrating, including our beloved Fr. Qui-Thac Nguyen.  There were nearly 1,400 people at the Mass.

The sizable turnout of people was uplifting in light of the Inauguration taking place across the country.  (A post about that is in the works!)

Here are the rest of the pictures I took of the March:


  1. great photos! thank you for posting them. God Bless - Lee Anne

  2. I love the Pictures man! I wish I had pictures from DC, but my camera's newly purchased batteries decided not to work. Oh well.

  3. Thanks Neil! Sorry your camera didn't work at the March in DC. I guess you have no *real* proof that there were hundreds of thousands of people there then DO you? According to the Media it never even took place.