Friday, January 16, 2009

Trip to Kennewick

Last weekend we made a trip to Kennewick for our consins' Ben & Angele's wedding reception. Angele is from Texas, so the wedding was actually in Dallas a couple days after Christmas.  They held a reception last weekend, however, for us West Coasters.

My parents were kind enough to give us kids a ride.  It was a tight, but cozy 3 1/2 hour ride, with my parents, Lou and Jenna, and Lindsey and me all packed in the Buick.  Dad had the burden of driving under the threat of ice and snow over the pass. We were blessed to have a clear and dry path all the way over and back, however.  I'm confident Our Lady was watching over us.  

The weekend was a lot of fun.  We stayed with my Uncle Dick and Aunt Louise (parents of Fr. Kenny St.Hilaire).  They're empty nesters, and were gracious enough to accommodate our large numbers.  The wedding reception was loaded with St.Hilaire's as usual, which was great to catch up with many of them.  The last St.Hilaire wedding Lindsey and I were at was... our own, so we didn't have much quality time for visiting : )

Ben and Angele make a wonderful and holy couple.  We're excited for their marriage and look forward to many "cousin exchanges" in the future!

Here's Dad with baby Paul, son of our cousins Tommy and Peggy.

Angele with my cousin Maria.

Ben and Angele.

Lou and Jenna.

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