Thursday, January 15, 2009

Overdue Christmas & New Year's pictures

I've been long meaning to post some pictures that we've accumulated since Christmas. So here we go, I'll start with some pictures from Christmas and New Years.

Although we had planned to be in Newport, OR for Christmas, we ended up being snowed in at the Firehouse in Bremerton, which turned out to be such a memorable time.

This was my first time decorating a tree away from Bellingham.

I made my traditional Christmas-tree-decorating face:

We Celebrated Lindsey's 24th birthday!

Then it was off to Bellingham to celebrate Christmas and spend time with Mom & Dad St.Hilaire and Lou & Jenna:

We had dinner with my parents' neighbors and good friends, Linda and Skip.

We were able to celebrate the New Year at the Xavier House!  It was a great being able to spend some quality time with our dearly-missed friends from Bellingham.

We taught them a dice game called Fill or Bust.  Andrew had the good fortune of getting the "No Dice" (skip a turn) card 11 times in two games.  Poor guy.

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