Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our son, Baby St.Hilaire!

We had our final ultrasound yesterday. Over a month ago, when we had the second ultrasound, it was too early in our baby's development to tell the gender. The ultrasound technitician placed his bets on boy, but was uncertain. He invited us to come back a month later when it would be easier to tell, free of charge! And there's not doubt now -- we have a son!

It was kind of a beautiful moment. Once again Mom and Dad Stockton were able to join us. There we were seeing our son (and grandson) probably for the last time, before he's born. In that brief time I realized how much I desire to hold, bond with and grow in love with our child. I recognize this time is precious for Lindsey and me, as we embark upon the life-changing period of having a newborn baby, and God-willing, many children thereafter. But still, it's as though I'm waiting impatiently at the window for a package which I know is coming in the mail!

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  1. This little guy is going to soo embarrassed about this video someday :P